Wisdom Teeth Extractions

When Jesse’s dentist recommend that she have her wisdom teeth extracted, she made the decision to go to Dr. Klamut.  Jesse appreciated the pretigious schooling that Dr. Klamut had gone through and had heard positive testimonies from individuals in the community.  Jesse said, “I was worried about needing to be on narcotics after my wisdom teeth extractions, but I had a pain free and quick recovery.  I only needed ibuprofen for 48 hours to keep the swelling down.  I would recommend Dr. Klamut to anyone.”


When Erica needed to have her wisdom teeth extracted, she trusted Dr. Klamut.  Erica was nervous about the surgery, but found comfort in the fact that Dr. Klamut could use IV General Sedation to make it so that she would not remember the procedure at all.  “I remember falling asleep laughing and then waking up not believing the surgery had already happened.  Having my wisdom teeth out took about an hour, but it felt like I was only asleep for a couple of minutes,” Erica said.


When Sid needed his wisdom teeth removed, his dentist referred him to Dr. Klamut.  Sid was concerned about the pain that would come from having his wisdom teeth removed, because he had heard stories from family about bad experiences.  Sid was amazed that after surgery, he only needed to take ibuprofen to keep the swelling down, but his experience post surgery was pain free.  Sid said, “I am very thankful that my dentist referred me to Dr. Klamut.”

Dental Implants

When Annmarie was a child she injured her two front teeth in a playground accident.  She sought out Dr. Klamut as a nursing student at James Madison University, because she was interested in a dental implant option.  She trusted Dr. Klamut to place two dental implants to replace her missing front teeth.  Annmarie was completely satisfied with the service she received and ecstatic about the final results of her dental implants.  “My implants are the best thing I’ve ever done!  I had two bridges in ten years and a few root canals before seeking out Dr. Klamut’s expertise.  My implants are over ten years old and I have never had one problem with them.  I expect them to last for a long time, because of Dr. Klamut’s dedication and hard work to get them perfect,” Annmarie said.